Strawberry Covered Chocolate. You Heard Me.

While halving and hulling thirty-six pounds of strawberries for an extra large batch of Strawberries and Cream Jam, I had several silly ideas. One of which was a B-Grade horror movie in which the tagline read “To Halve and to Hull”, but that’s another blog post. The other was to make strawberry covered chocolate. I wanted to take a very familiar dessert and twist it around. The results were delicious.

You only need two ingredients and a few minutes to make these. Here’s what I used:

Organic Strawberries

and some tasty Green & Black organic dark chocolate.

Wash and rinse your strawberries. Then core them like this:

Make a cut around the top, and pull up on the leaves to pull the core right out.

Next, take the chocolate, break it up, and put it in a small bowl. Put the bowl on a pot of water so the steam heats up the bowl and melts the chocolate. Like this:

Now spoon the chocolate into the core of the strawberries.

Put the strawberries in something that will hold them upright.

I used a muffin tin. Put them in the refrigerator to chill. The chocolate will harden, and you will have a tasty treat. Strawberry covered chocolate!

Strawberry Covered Chocolate
Recipe type: Dessert
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A twist on the normal chocolate covered strawberries.
  • Strawberries
  • Dark Chocolate
  1. Wash and rinse your strawberries
  2. Core the berries
  3. Heat the chocolate in a metal bowl on top of a pot of hot water
  4. Spoon the melted chocolate into the core of the berries
  5. Refrigerate


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