The Restoration of an Enterprise No. 60 Gristmill circa 1916

After a great trip to Homestead Heritage in Waco, TX last year, I told my wife, “Man, I sure would like a gristmill!” At Homestead Heritage they had a nice water powered grinding stone where they would grind all sorts of grains.  Being a bread baker, I really wanted to try my hand at some freshly ground grains for a change.  No less than 48 hours later, my wonderful wife came home with this gorgeous piece of history: Continue reading

Agarita Jelly, how to harvest and how to make it

Agarita Jelly

Back in May of 2010, I noticed around the farm that we had an ABUNDANCE of beautiful agarita berries.  If you have never heard of agaritas before, they are a Texas native plant that produce a very sweet-tart like red berry about the 1/4″ in diameter. Someone said, “Hey you should make some agarita jelly!”.  Sure, why not. Continue reading