Para Las Carnitas… Sal y Pimienta. Best. Carnitas. Ever.

While in Mexico earlier this year, I decided to try my hand at some pork carnitas. The only cut of meat the butcher had was a beautiful loin, so I went with that. Traditionally carnitas are nice fatty roasts fried in lard in a big copper pot. Here I was with no copper pot, and no roast. Time to figure something else out. I did… and it is spectacular.
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The Restoration of an Enterprise No. 60 Gristmill circa 1916

After a great trip to Homestead Heritage in Waco, TX last year, I told my wife, “Man, I sure would like a gristmill!” At Homestead Heritage they had a nice water powered grinding stone where they would grind all sorts of grains.  Being a bread baker, I really wanted to try my hand at some freshly ground grains for a change.  No less than 48 hours later, my wonderful wife came home with this gorgeous piece of history: Continue reading

Goat Milk Ice Cream with Olive Oil and Sea Salt

Here’s the thing…I love ice cream.  I always have.  That being said, I REALLY love homemade ice cream, I don’t think anything compares.  In search of my favorite recipe for ice cream, I can only thank one of my oldest friends from grade school for letting me in on the secret (Thanks, Aaron).  Four ingredients: (Milk, Cream, Sugar, Vanilla), no cooking, no cooling, just straight up, mix, and put in the maker. Continue reading

Norwegian waffles! …the way my friend’s great grandmother used to make!

Let me just start by saying, these things are AWESOME! I discovered these little beauties while travelling in San Miguel de Allende earlier this month. We had the privilege to meet some wonderful people that were part of an acrobat troop there called Gravity Works, one of which was Norwegian. Kalyana was nice enough to invite us to his house and cook for us. Continue reading

Agarita Jelly, how to harvest and how to make it

Agarita Jelly

Back in May of 2010, I noticed around the farm that we had an ABUNDANCE of beautiful agarita berries.  If you have never heard of agaritas before, they are a Texas native plant that produce a very sweet-tart like red berry about the 1/4″ in diameter. Someone said, “Hey you should make some agarita jelly!”.  Sure, why not. Continue reading